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President's Message



On the eve of New Year BS 2072, we are once again, engaged in the publication of this ‘Membership Directory’ to enable our well-wishers, stakeholders, travel operators, hoteliers and our own fellow-members to have an up-dated and revised edition of this information booklet.

We have tried, with good intent and purposes, as much as we could, to furnish herewith, details in concise form, though, the most sought after names, cell phone numbers as well as the electronic address of our well-respected guides, together with their photographs, to ease the identification for our valued clients.

One of the founding pillars of tourism’s gradual progress and advancement in Nepal is undoubtedly the relentless positive role played by guide, right from the time the country opened its gateway to the foreign visitors, who have, since, uninterruptedly feeding the tourists, tons and tons of information relating to its glory and, of its ancient past. In discharging such a noble job and, in being able to establish an intimate relationship on the basis of duty-bound discipline with the clients, these visitors have been seen exceedingly generous in promoting the tourism of Nepal more than anybody else. Therefore, in view of the phenomenal contribution offered by guides in sustaining the tourism to the current height, their share of laying a brick to help build tourism-industry, in the country, cannot be ruled out by the state.

Hence, it is high time that the government as well as the stakeholders come forward to assess the great efforts played by guides and, give them along with their organization, due reorganization, by way of felicitation , honor and support to re-affirm & re-charge their professional zeal, as before.

Now, we will take this opportunity, at this stage, to thank our colleagues in the executive body, office staffs, as well as our valued financial supporters for being extremely helpful in bringing this Directory to the fore. Grateful thanks once more to all of you and very Happy New year as well.

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