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President's Message

Mr. Badri Nepal


Dear Fellow Guides,

Please accept my best of compliments and Namaskar. My purpose of writing this brief note is to bring to your kind information and knowledge that all of our reverend friends have unanimously nominated me as the President of TURGAN.  I was elected unopposed together with other executive members in the respective posts.

Dear friends, it is my duty to let you, at this juncture that, our organization, over that last few years, had to pass through a period of lull as not much of significant activities to the common good of our guides were initiated or performed. But, such a situation of stagnation will, in no way, be left to continue. The newly elected body of TURGAN hereby makes a pledge before you that we will do everything in our capacity to uphold the lost image of our beloved organization by undertaking several packages of good-work for the direct benefit of our guides. The proposed agenda that we have, so far, chalked out is time-bound is geared towards meeting the aspiration of our fellow guides.

We will show you the result in short time for which, we wait for your valued co-operation.

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